Cover of "What Night Do the Angels Wander?", artwork by Phoebe Stone.

One night each year, following a flurry of celestial preparation, all the angels come together for a single purpose.
It is a night of heavenly celebration, one that brings together all the children and animals of the earth. It is a night filled with light. It is a night of feasting and music and dancing. And on this one night when angels wander, if you listen quietly, you, too, may hear the angels sing -- for it's Christmas Eve.

From Kirkus Reviews (July 1998):

"How do angels celebrate Christmas Eve? Using a spare rhyming text, Stone (When the Wind Bears Go Dancing, 1997) offers a glimpse of the feasting, dancing, and singing of the heavenly host as they gather with animals and children to share the joy of the season. Vibrant spreads offer a feast of folk-art illustrations steeped in gorgeous shades of red, green, and blue. Enchanting images -- stitching the world a quilt of snow, trimming the tree with clouds, mist, and moon -- emphasize the celestial qualities of this magical holiday picture book. Stone weaves a generous spell; it will be hard for children not to smile along with the final, glorious spreads."

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Detail of two angels. Artwork by Phoebe Stone from her book What Night Do the Angels Wander?

What Night do the Angels Wander?


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What Night Do the Angels Wander?,
a children's book by Phoebe Stone.
Text and artwork copyright © 1998 by Phoebe Stone