Reading When the Wind Bears Go Dancing is an event the whole class can take part in. Sometimes when Phoebe reads the book at schools, classes will divide themselves up into groups and add sound effects between verses. One group will make the sound of thunder, another the crack of lightning, another the sound of the wind blowing and finally a group will make the sound of the rain pouring down.

When the Wind Bears Go Dancing is a good introduction for younger children to study thunderstorms and lightning and weather.

One class worked together to make a mural based on When the Wind Bears Go Dancing.

detail of Wind Bear playing bassoon, art by Phoebe Stone

Two musicians who appear in When the Wind Bears Go Dancing

detail of lion playing violing, art by Phoebe Stone

Music teachers are especially fond of the many musical instruments that appear in When the Wind Bears Go Dancing. A whole range of instruments appear in the book. Including violins, cellos, piano, bassoon, kazoo. The rhyming text lends itself to be set to music.

Photo of Phoebe with children at a book signing

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