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Phoebe Stone is the only painter in a family of writers. She spent her childhood drawing and telling stories as she drew. "I was always painting and drawing," she says, "but, I learned to write by osmosis, by hearing my parents read their beautiful work."

Before concentrating on creating books for children and young adults, Phoebe had a very successful career established as a fine art’s painter. During that time, she received two Vermont Council on the Arts Fellowships in painting and exhibited her work in many museums and galleries all around New England and New York City, and influenced many New England artists with her unique, brightly colored narrative and metaphorical style. "I was already working in sequences," she says, "but at some point I began to realize that I could combine my love for images and words in picture books for children."

Phoebe Stone’s most recent novel Romeo Blue, will be published June 1, 2013. It has already received early praise, including a starred review from Booklist who said her “evocative writing sets time and place beautifully.” Calling it “compelling, and with plenty of heart and soul.”

Phoebe’s recent novel The Boy on Cinnamon Street, published in February 2012 has been named to the Dorthy Canfield Fisher Master List for 2013-2014. It has received four starred reviews including one from Kirkus Review and been selected by Independent Bookstores to be a Winter 2012 Indie Next Kids Pick.

Phoebe’s novel, The Romeo and Juliet Code was published in 2011. It keeps receiving lots of praise and attention, including STARRED REVIEWS from Publishers Weekly and Hornbook. More great reviews have appeared recently in The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, Booklist, The Chicago Tribune and Kirkus.

Phoebe's novel Deep Down Popular, was published in 2008 by Arthur A. Levine Books, Scholastic. A novel for ages 9 and up, it was called "sweet and winning" by Kirkus Reviews. Deep Down Popular also received a starred review and praise from Booklist (read the review here). It's now in paperback.

Phoebe Stone's first novel published in 2000 All the Blue Moons at the Wallace Hotel, was called "haunting . . . and poetic" by the New York Times and remains a favorite of children and adults alike.

Phoebe's novel Sonata #1 for Riley Red was published in the Fall of 2003. In a review The Boston Globe said: "Stone's books speak to the heart of youth -- its frailty, wild ambitions, and promise. Literature doesn't get much better than this."

When the Wind Bears Go Dancing, the first children's book both written and illustrated by Phoebe Stone, was published in the fall of 1997 by Little, Brown and Company to much critical acclaim and attention. Six original pieces of art from the book were included in the exhibit, Telling Stories with Pictures, the Art of Children's Book Illustration, at the DeCordova Museum in the Boston area. The show featured the work of 30 prominent children's book illustrators from the past 25 years. Well-known artists such as Maurice Sendak, Chris van Allsburg, Marc Brown, Edward Gorey and Eric Carle were also featured. Phoebe was selected as one of the new illustrators working in the field today to be included in the exhibit.

When the Wind Bears Go Dancing was also selected by The Society of Illustrators to be included in their Original Art '97 exhibition. The show was held at the Museum of American Illustration in New York City, and featured the original art from the year's best illustrated children's books. Booklist also featured art from When the Wind Bears Go Dancing on the cover of their February 1998 cover.

We've had news that When the Wind Bears Go Dancing was published in Korea.

What Night Do the Angels Wander? was Phoebe Stone's second book as both author and illustrator. It was published September 1998 by Little, Brown and Company. The book is best described as a dreamy and poetic personification of the spirit of Christmas. One night each year, following a flurry of celestial preparation, all the angels come together for a single purpose. It is a night of heavenly celebration, one that brings together all the children and animals of the earth. It is a night filled with light. It is a night to hear the angels sing because it's Christmas Eve.

What Night Do the Angels Wander? received as great deal of attention and generated a lot of excitement last fall. It was a November selection of the Children's Book-of-the-Month Club and was featured on the December cover of the Hearthsong Catalog. You can read what Kirkus Reviews had to say about this new book.

Phoebe's picture book: Go Away Shelley Boo, was published book by Little, Brown and Company for fall 1999. It has appeared on the cover of the Hearthsong Autumn catalog and been chosen by the American Bookseller's Association as a "Pick of the Lists". Kirkus Reviews describes Phoebe's drawings as "exhuberant" and writes of the book: "Children will identify with Emily Louise's anxiety about a new neighbor and share her relief when she finally does meet the infamous 'Shelley Boo'…" The Boston Globe called Go Away Shelley Boo! --"totally irresistible."

In God's Name, written by Sandy Sasso and illustrated by Phoebe Stone, is an award-winning book that celebrates multiculturalism as well as nondenominational and nonsectarian religion. First published in 1994, In God's Name is in its fifth printing. A One Spirit Book-of-the-Month Club selection, it still remains at the top of many religious and spiritual book bestseller lists. In God's Name was a finalist in the Hungry Mind Review Children's Books of Distinction Awards, a finalist in the Marion Vannett Ridgeway Awards and part of The Children's Book Councils exhibit, Not Just for Children Anymore, at the 1997 American Booksellers Association Conference.

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