Jacket Cover Art -- The Boy on Cinnamon Street by Phoebe Stone

The Boy on Cinnamon Street
by Phoebe Stone
Publisher: Scholastic/Levine,
Hardcover (240 pages) $16.99
Publication Date: February 1, 2012
ISBN 978-0-545-21512-1

Starred Review from Publisher's WeeklyStarred Review from Publisher’s Weekly

Starred Review from Publisher's WeeklyStarred Review from Booklist

Praise for
The Boy on Cinnamon Street

A novel by Phoebe Stone — Now Available in paperback

Starred Review From Kirkus Reviews
December 15, 2011:

Something terrible happened to seventh-grader Louise’s parents, and only the kindly ministrations of an unknown admirer can pull her back from her insulating—suffocating—layers of denial.

Louise lives with her quirky grandparents, vividly depicted by Stone (The Romeo and Juliet Code, 2011) as they strive to relieve the girl’s obvious suffering. She’s given up gymnastics, turned away from most of her peers and cut herself off from the devastating truth of her past. But some friends continue to reach out to her, especially her overweight best buddy, Reni, and Reni’s tall seventh-grade brother, Henderson. After Louise discovers a note—“I am your biggest fan”—that seems to have been left by pizza-delivery boy Benny, she develops a shaky sort of crush on this all-but-unknown person. Her emotional fire is eagerly fueled by Reni’s frustration with her own safely unrequited fixation on Justin Bieber. The true identity of Louise’s biggest fan is gradually, achingly revealed, along with a gentle, loving exploration of the characters of these admirable, young teen protagonists. Readers of Louise’s self-deprecating, sometimes funny first-person account will figure out the terrible thing that has happened to Louise, and a young man’s role in her redemption, long before she does, just adding to the building suspense.

An outstanding tale of love, loss and the true power of friendship. (Fiction. 10-14)


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The Boy on Cinnamon Street, by Phoebe Stone
(Arthur A. Levine Books, $16.99, 9780545215121, available January)
“This tween story of first love will melt the hardest heart. Louise’s quiet, wounded sadness touches both Henderson and the reader, who can’t help but root for the young couple. The Boy on Cinnamon Street will appeal to Justin Bieber fans but will also be a great read for any mother-daughter book club.” — Jill Hendrix, Fiction Addiction, Greenville, SC


From Horn Book

January/February 2011:

Early on, readers learn a few things—though not everything—about narrator Louise. She’s in seventh grade; she used to do gymnastics; because she’s tiny—four foot seven—she calls herself Thumbelina. Also, she lives with her grandparents, has two best friends (sister and brother Reni and Henderson), and she loves pizza. The latter detail is what drives the story line when a delivery boy drops off a love note (or so she thinks) along with Louise’s pie. Though Louise is puzzled—she barely knows her would-be suitor Benny McCartney—she does feel a connection to him that, with Reni’s encouragement, develops into a full-blown crush. As the narrative progresses, Louise lets additional facts about her life slip out. Her father lives with his new family, any mention of her mother makes everyone sad, and she suffered a terrible trauma, the particulars of which slowly unfold as Louise allows herself to remember. Stone’s control of her narrative is expert; the way she brings the various elements together is unexpected and heart-wrenching. Occasional humor (some at dim-bulb Benny’s expense) lightens things up, but the story’s core is its earnestness and heart. Well-conceived supporting characters, especially eccentric and intuitive Henderson and young-at-heart Grandpa, give Louise the strength she needs to find her way back to herself. —Elissa Gershowitz


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