Go Away Shelley Boo! by Phoebe Stone

Go Away,
Shelley Boo!

by Phoebe Stone

(ISBN 0-316-81677-9)

When Emily Louise spies a moving van next door, she is sure that the new girl is no one she'd want to have as a friend.

That little girls looks like a Shelley Boo. Go away, Shelley Boo!

That terrible Shelley Boo probably eats nothing but peanut butter and Rollerblades inside the house and doesn't do her homework and makes up lies about being able to speak French and doesn't like to have tea parties or do anything normal and nice because her name is probably Shelley Boo!

Emily Louise is convinced the new girl will ruin everything. This fanciful story describes the uncertain beginnings of a brand-new friendship with humor and zest. Luminous pastel paintings capture the telling details, both real and imagined, in Emily's world.

September 1999.

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Go Away Shelley Boo,
text and artwork copyright © 1999 by Phoebe Stone