Cover Artwork of "When the Wind Bears Go Dancing", by Phoebe Stone.

When my son was younger, we lived in an old farmhouse on a little dirt road in the country. Our nearest neighbors were a half of mile away. On stormy nights when the wind blew and the thunder roared and lightning flashed, this is a story I told him so he wouldn't be frightened.
-Phoebe Stone


"When the Wind Bears Go Dancing (all ages) by Phoebe Stone has all the makings of a classic."
--Jessica Wood, as reviewed in The Edge,
published by the Northshire Bookstore
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from the book and read parts of the story...

 The Wind Bears in their rattle-bang car. Artwork by Phoebe Stone.

 Girl riding Tiger. Artwork by Phoebe Stone.

 Lion playing violin. Artwork by Phoebe Stone.

 Floating girl with hat and pansy. Artwork by Phoebe Stone.

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When the Wind Bears Go Dancing, text and artwork copyright © 1997
by Phoebe Stone