Cover artwork of "In God's Name"

In God's Name
Text by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
Illustrations by Phoebe Stone

Everyone and everything in the world must have a name. What is God's Name?

"God must have a single name that is greater and more powerful than all other names." All the people of the world set out to find God's Name-- and each of the many seekers is sure that he or she alone has found the right name, the only name for God. Finally, they come together--and at last learn what God's Name really is.

Multicultural, nondenominational and nonsectarian,
In God's Name is a spiritual celebration of all people of the world and their belief in God.

A Finalist in the Hungry Mind Review's Children's Book of Distinction Awards.

Finalist Marion Vannett Ridgeway Award

Semi-Finalist Skipping Stones Book Awards

Recommeded by Parents Council, Ltd

"I got goose bumps when I read In God's Name, its language and illustrations are that moving. This is a book children will love and the whole family will cherish for its beauty and power."
--Francine Klagsbrun
, author of Mixed Feelings: Love, Hate, Rivalry, and Reconciliation Among Brothers and Sisters

"What a lovely, healing book!" -- Madeline L'Engle
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from In God's Name

three children with flowers, detail of artwork from "In God's Name.

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 In God's Name
Text copyright © 1994 by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
Illustrations copyright © 1994 by Phoebe Stone