Artwork of children, flowers and animals from the book "In God's Name"

"Stone's illustrations are fine and uplifting"

"-- Four Stars --
Best Bet Children's Book" --The Indianapolis Star


Madonna and child, artwork from "In God's Name"
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from In God's Name

Vermont artist Phoebe Stone's illustrations shimmer with light, evoking the lush vegetation and exotic subjects of Paul Gaugin and the fantastic flying figures of Marc Chagall. So many children's books attempt to show diversity by representing the same child-figure with brown-tan-brick-ivory shades on the same grinning face -- these figures have personalities that are as varied as their ethnicity's. In each picture, there is a sense of what has come before or what might happen next, making each page rich and fluid in the imagination of the reader.

I read In God's Name with a young friend, a refugee from Vietnam who has a religious background of Buddhism and Christianity. He also carries with him certain fears, the memories of a story-telling grandmother and often struggles to find the right English work. The reader was delighted to find the image of a child who looked like him. He followed this boy's reappearance throughout the book.

--Patti McManamy, The Vermont Times

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 In God's Name
Text copyright © 1994 by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
Illustrations copyright © 1994 by Phoebe Stone